Sunday, June 17, 2007

Motel 6 does more than "leave the light on for ya!"

The picture above looks like an average room at a Motel 6. The hotel chain is known for a low-budget approach to lodging. This picture looks fine. I am not going to show you the pictures that I took under the bed.

It all started early Sunday morning. I woke up from a long Saturday. Kristi and I took the kids to K.C. for a Kids/Father's Day weekend outing. I called World's Of Fun and got some media passes on Saturday. Well, apparently, the person that stayed in Room #215 at the Motel 6 in Lenexa, Kansas on Friday night had their own little "fun!" I asked Kris where the remote was when I woke up. She looked around. She said "I can't find the remote, but you might wanna look under the bed!" I looked under the bed and guess what was there? A USED CONDOM!!! Yes! I know! That is disgusting! I called the front desk and told them what the deal was and that I has taken pictures with my camera and I was not going to pay for a room that had something like that in it. They were more than happy to make things right, but, the damage has been done! I will NEVER stay in a Motel 6 again!

Like my dad said when I told him about it. They can change their slogan now to "Motel 6, we'll leave the light on for ya....and a surprise under the bed!"

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