Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Here's The New Logo For My Old Station.

Things have been very busy at the station these days. I have been working 10-11 hour days without a break. Magic 92.3 signed off a couple of weeks ago and it is now "Classic Country 92.3" on the dial.
I was named "the go to guy for promotions" yesterday in a meeting. The General Manager said that I am the point person for promotions and the promotions staff is to come to me with their questions. This is only a temporary thing. I have officially applied for the position. I am hoping to get it. That would mean a management position and more money. I need that for sure.
I just thought that I would show you the new logo. What do you think? I think that it's okay. Well, gotta go.

Shockers On Winning Streak! Time To Wear Yellow!!!

The Shox are winning again! They had a big win on the road at Northern Iowa on Tuesday night. Shocker fans are encouraged to wear yellow in support of the Wichita State basketball teams this Saturday, Feb. 3rd. The men will take on the Southern Illinois Salukis at 1:05 p.m. on ESPN2.

Sunday, January 28, 2007

A View From The Top

I worked Thunder games on Saturday and Sunday nights this weekend. I got some time to go up top on the Cat Walk on top of the Kansas Coliseum on Sunday night and took this picture from Center Ice. It's from 50 feet high. Notice the scoreboard on the upper left. It looks pretty weird from the top. I am glad that I am not a spotlight operator. I am fine with staying on solid ground.

Madison and Zach Hit The Ice

We hit Ice Sports Wichita for awhile on Sunday afternoon. Kristi and I took the kids skating for a quick skate. Well, some of the kids skated. Madison and Zach were just fine with holding on and walking. Here's a picture of them doing just that. That seemed to have fun.

I'm A Busy Bee!!!

I am a busy bee these days! I just wanted to let everyone know that I am still kickin'! I am just swamped with work, Wichita Thunder hockey games, dances and family time. Talk to you soon!

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

John Elway Furniture at Sam's Club?

I was on the air at KFDI and played a commercial for Sam's Club and they now have the John Elway line of home furnishing. WOW! That was weird to hear. See it for yourself at I can't afford any of it!

First Shift in the Books

I did my first shift on KFDI last night. It went well. I forgot how many people listen to that station. I had three calls from old friends that I hadn't heard from in years. The shift went pretty smooth. I work some weird hours this week and hardly get to see my kids. I work 1 to 10 p.m. I go back to 7-4 or 8-5 next week, though. That will be nice. I miss the kids!

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Tonight's the Night. My return to KFDI.

Tonight's the night. I return to KFDI. I am working 7pm to midnight tonight. If you're really bored, you can listen online tonight at You've got to be really, really bored for that, though.

Monday, January 22, 2007

New Colorado License Plates. I Love Them!!!

I was in Colorado over the weekend and discovered something very cool! They have Colorado License Plates that are perfect for Denver Broncos fans. See for yourself! I was in MN and WI a couple years back and saw Packers plates like that and said it would be cool to have Broncos ones like that, but I am stuck in Chiefs land and will never be able to get one of those tags here. That bites!


Hello, Bella! There's a New Addition. The Bulldog is here!

Kristi went to Kansas City over the weekend and picked up her dog. Here she is! Her name is Princess Isabella, but she goes by "Bella" for short. She's 3/4 Bulldog and 1/4 Pug. She is very cute and VERY playful. More pics to come.

Super Bowl is Set! Go Colts!!!

It's official. The Colts and Bears are playing in this years Super Bowl. I was hoping that the Saints would beat the Bears and go all the way, but it didn't happen that way at all. I caught the tail end of the Colts-Pats game. I was glad to see the Pats not make it. I am pulling for the Colts in the big game.

Family Reunion at Hockey Game

I had a small family reunion at the Avalanche game on Saturday night. I met up with my cousins, Karen (left) and Cindy (right). They bought hockey tickets for Christmas presents for their husbands. Cindy's hubby is a big Red Wings fan. Yuck! We met back up after the game and went to Brooklyn's for a few minutes before they caught their shuttle back to the Red Lion Hotel (where they were staying).

Great Seats At The Colorado Avalanche Game!!!

WOW! Look at this! This is a face-off that happened right in front of us at the Colorado Avalanche game on January 20th. It was the Av's and the Red Wings playing and the Av's won the game 3-1! It was so much fun and thanks again to Aunt Kris for the great seats! I appreciate it so much. Love ya!

Big Horn Sheep

I was driving through Clear Creek Canyon on my way to the Avalanche hockey game on Saturday, January 20th and saw these Big Horn sheep right by the road. I had to stop and take some pictures of them. Bug Horn rank up there with Buffalo and Longhorn Steers as my favorite animals.

Hi Grandma!!!

I made my way to western Colorado on Friday, January 19th. I went to see Aunt Peg (Uncle Ken wasn't at the house), The Smith's, The Pod's and my Grandma. It was so nice getting to see her. It had been 3 years since I had been to Grand Junction and seen the family. It was wonderful! I hope to make it back that way again soon. I wanna stay longer next time, too!!!

Hangin' At The A-Frame Near Blackhawk, CO

I stayed at this A-Frame when I was in Colorado. The A-Frame is owned by my friend, Chris Kuder's family. We stayed there for 3 nights while we were in Colorado. It was very nice and the snow was cool, too!

Kansas Ice Storm Is A Pain In The ICE!!!

I took this picture on Thursday, January 18th when I was headed out to Colorado. This is a huge power tower that was knocked down by the weight of the ice that was on the power lines. Western Kansas had a terrible ice storm a couple weeks back. It looked like this for miles and miles. I took this picture between Cimarron and Garden City, KS. There were lots of towers just like it for miles and miles knocked down.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007


It's about 8:30 p.m. pm Wednesday and I am finishing up some stuff at work. I am getting ready to head to Colorado in the morning. I am going with my friend, Chris. He just drove up to Salina to get a rental car. He lives in McPherson (near Salina). It was between a Kia or a Ford F-150 King Cab. He went with the truck. The Kia had no cruise control, but I am sure it gets a whole lot more miles per gallon. OUCH!!!
We're planning on going to Grand Junction on Friday morning to see Grandma Gardner and try to hook up with the Pods. We'll then shoot east on I-70 to see the Smith's and the Collins crew. Aunt Kris is out of town, so I am going to miss her. That stinks!
We're going to the Avalanche game on Saturday (thanks so much to Aunt Kris for getting us free tickets) to see them play the Red Wings.
We will be staying at Chris' family "A-Frame" near Blackhawk. It should be very nice to get away and to see every one. I am going to miss Kris and the kids like crazy, though.
I will keep you updated.

Day 1 Complete. Getting website ready.

I made it through day one doing what I am now doing at work. I was asked to come up with some pictures to get on the website. I got stuff together and sent to the company web guy and this is what it will look like. The website is and this will be the temporary cover for the page. I also typed up a little "Under Construction" thing.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

The Official Press Release on Format Change

January 15, 2007

Journal Broadcast Group Announces Classic Country 92.3

WICHITA, KS - - The format of KMXW, a Journal Broadcast Group radio station, will change tomorrow, Tuesday January 16th. “Classic Country 92.3” will play classic country music on the FM radio dial. The large number of classic country music fans in Wichita is the reason for the change, which was announced today by Operations Manager Beverlee Brannigan.

Classic Country 92.3 joins two other country formatted stations within the Journal Broadcast Group/Wichita: Today’s KFDI-FM 101.3 and AM 1070 The Ranch (KFTI).

Brannigan explained, “Wichita loves its country music, and this move lets us serve a wider variety of country music tastes. KFDI is the big, heritage station playing country from the 80’s up to today, along with the News, Weather, and traffic. KFTI-The Ranch is our personality driven station that plays Classic Country, cowboy music, Western swing, and bluegrass at AM 1070. And now, Classic Country 92.3 will bring the legends of country music to the FM band.”

Vice President and General Manager Rob Burton added, “Journal Broadcast Group has a country music heritage with the KFDI call letters that’s unequalled in Wichita. We’re very proud to carry on that tradition with both AM 1070 The Ranch, and now Classic Country 92.3.”

The Classic Country 92.3 play list features artists like Johnny Cash, Waylon Jennings, Reba McEntire, Merle Haggard, George Jones, Dolly Parton, and Conway Twitty.
Journal Broadcast Group owns and operates 36 radio stations and nine television stations in 12 states and operates two television stations under local marketing agreements. The broadcast business of Journal Communications Inc., Journal Broadcast Group is headquartered in Milwaukee. Journal Communications is a diversified media and communications company with operations in publishing, broadcasting, telecommunications and printing services.

Monday, January 15, 2007

The "Magic" is Gone. So Is My Morning Show.

Monday was a pretty interesting day. Magic 92.3, the station that I have worked at doing mornings for the past year is going "bye bye!" I was notified that I am no longer the morning guy at the station and that the 70's and 80's format of Magic is gone. As of 12 a.m. on Tuesday, 1/16/07 (a few minutes ago), Magic 92.3 official died and made room for "Classic Country 92.3."
I was not very happy to hear the news that I was no longer going to be working on the air doing mornings, but I have been offered a job to help with promotions and will be doing some on air work for KFDI. The management at the station has been very good to work for and they are very nice.
I am looking forward to doing the new job, but it's going to be very weird not doing a regular air shift.
Well, I better get to bed. I can actually sleep in a little bit now.


Well, it's happened again. Marty Schottenheimer has done it! He's lost another playoff game! His Chargers had the best record in the AFC and had "Home Field Advantage" throughout the playoffs. That means nothing! This is Marty here! They lost to the Patriots 24-21 and Marty gets to start another vacation. The Chargers went 14-2 on the season and got knocked out (at home) in their first playoff game.
When are people gonna realize that he his NEVER going to win the big one! Way to represent the AFC West, Marty! GEEZ!

Sunday, January 14, 2007


This Wichita Ice Storm has closed down the Wichita Ice Center. I got the call a few minutes ago from Jude Oxler. He's the captain of our team. He called to let me know that our team (Extractors) are not playing tonight. That bites! We were scheduled to play the Hurricanes. They are the first place team that we stunned a few weeks ago handing them their first loss. I called my friend, Chris Kuder to inform him. He lives in McPherson, KS and travels down to play every week. Chris is the friend going to Colorado with me later in the week.

Strahan Having To Pay Up On Prenup. OUCH!

New York Giants star Michael Strahan was ordered to pay his ex-wife $15.3 million -- more than half his net worth -- in keeping with the couple's prenuptial agreement.
Under the agreement, Jean Strahan was entitled to 50 percent of their joint marital assets and 20 percent of his yearly income from each year they were married.
"She's grateful to the court," Jean Strahan's lawyer, Ellen Marshall, told The Associated Press on Saturday. "She looks forward to her future, raising their children and moving forward."
A call to Michael Strahan's attorney, Robert Penza, and his agent, Tony Agnone, were not immediately returned.
The NFL star had contended he wasn't responsible for the 20 percent because his wife failed to ask for it every year. But state Superior Court Judge James Convery disagreed, ruling "the plaintiff is not credible in his claim that the defendant never asked for her separate funds."
In addition to the $15.3 million, Convery awarded Jean Strahan hundreds of thousands of dollars in child support. The couple married in 1999.
"It pays to tell the truth, and I told the truth," Jean Strahan said in Saturday's New York Post. "I never asked for a penny more than the prenup that Michael and his lawyers wrote and made me sign. And all I ever asked for was that to be upheld."
I think that Michael's headaches have just begun. Ouch! That is brutal!

Saturday, January 13, 2007


The Wichita State men's basketball team improved to 11-6 on the season and 2-4 in Missouri Valley Conference play with a 69-56 win over Evansville Saturday night inside Charles Koch Arena on Pizza Hut Shocker Sports Hall of Fame night. WOW! They won!

Is There A New "America's Team?"

Since the Broncos and Giants are both out of it...I am now on the Saints Bandwagon!!! They beat the Eagles 27-24 tonight. I am going for them the rest of the way now! New Orleans has went through a lot the last 12+ months and this is a great story for them! The Hurricane completely devastated their city and they have had nothing to be happy about. Well, the Saints came marching in this season and have made it to the NFC Championship game for the first time ever! From the "Aints" to a game from the Super Bowl! GO SAINTS!!!
On a side note...I am going for the Chargers in the AFC.

Is There A New Dog In Our Future???

So, Kristi has been Bulldog hunting a lot lately. We found some dogs on the Kansas City Star's website. All of the kids are wanting a Bulldog. They are VERY expensive and there's no way that I can afford one. Kristi (money bags) called the guy in Missouri that has the advertisement. It looks like she is going to be headed to Missouri and getting the dog soon. It's 3/4 English Bulldog and 1/4 Pug. That is an interesting combination, and a lot cheaper than an English Bulldog. We will let you know what Kristi decides and if she really makes the trip to get it.

Mother Nature Deals My Fiances A Major Blow

The winter weather has paid it's toll on the Central states, and my wallet! I had a Homecoming Dance scheduled for last night (1/12) in Cedar Vale, KS. It was postponed until February 17th. I also had a party for KWCH TV (where Jeremy used to work) scheduled for tonight. It has been postponed, too.
I love the weather, but I hate the fact that it has screwed me out of the money that I was going to go to Colorado on. I am still going to Colorado, but it's going to be a lot more strapped. That's life.

Ice, Ice, Baby

I was able to sleep in a little bit this morning. I woke up a little but before 8 a.m. to the sound of ice pounding on the roof. It sounded like it was a heavy rain storm. It has been icing in Missouri, Oklahoma and the eastern half of Kansas for about a day now. It just started icing pretty good here. I would take a foot of snow any day over a Kansas ice storm. We're going to spend most of the day inside. Kristi is making Eggs, Bacon and hash browns right now. I gotta go! Yum Yum!

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Getting Ready For A Nasty Weekend

We are getting ready for a nasty winter weekend in Wichita. Kristi went to the store yesterday and I went tonight. We have stocked up. Kristi got some firewood ready and it's waiting in the garage. We're supposed to get some nasty weather starting Friday.
I have dances and parties scheduled this weekend. It is going to be an interesting weekend. I am hoping that they happen, because that's the money that I am using to get to Colorado on next week.
I am excited, because Kris is making Chili and I think some of her home made sloppy joe's. I love that stuff! I hope that the weather isn't that nasty, though.


I can remember the day like it was just yesterday. It was Sunday, January 11, 1987. I was working my shift at KIUL radio in Garden City. Our radio station covered CBS Radio and CBS Sports. It was the Denver Broncos and Cleveland Browns in the AFC Championship game at Memorial Stadium in Cleveland, Ohio.
The Broncos started at their own 2 yard line and it's quoted that Keith Bishop (Center) said "we got them where we want them" in the huddle. John Elway performed magic for 98 yards. He hit a falling Mark Jackson in the end zone for a Touchdown to set the game to OT. Rich Karlis sealed the deal with a 33 yard Field Goal in OT. The Broncos won 23-20 and went to the Super Bowl. They were pounded in that game 39-20 by my 2nd favorite team, the New York Giants.
"The Drive" has got to be one of the best things ever in sports history! I love them Broncos!!!

Wednesday, January 10, 2007


A female body was discovered in a rural area of Cowley County Tuesday morning. Police are not saying the body is that of missing 19-year-old Jodi Sanderholm. Instead, they are waiting forensic confirmation before saying any more. Jodi's dad believes the female body is believed to be his daughter. He said he now has a sense of peace.
Police say they are working with the County of Cowley County Attorney's office to file charges against what they are calling 'a known suspect.' The exact charges will be released at a later date.
A Connection:
Authorities have found a connection between Sanderholm and a man taken into custody over the weekend on unrelated charges. The man worked at the same Subway restaurant, where Jodi was last seen Friday. The man remains in custody.
Tuesday afternoon, authorities pulled Jodi's 2003 Dodge Stratus out of a nearby lake. They drove away with it on a flatbed truck, to process it for evidence.
This doesn't look good at all. Man! There are some sick people out there. My prayers go to Jodi's family and friends. She was so young and had a full life ahead of her.

Monday, January 8, 2007

COLORADO BOUND!!! And We Get To See The Av's and Red Wings

We're headed to Colorado!!! It's official! A HUGE thanks to Aunt Kris for hooking us up with tickets to see the Colorado Avalanche play the Detroit Red Wings. I am SO excited! I have seen the Av's play numerous times, but never against the hated Red Wings.
I am headed there with my friend, Chris Kuder. He has some computer/work stuff to pick up there and the timing works out perfectly. I haven't been to the western slope for over 3 years and I finally will get to make it over. We are going to head to Grand Junction, Silt, New Castle and Glenwood to see all the family. We will be up there later this month.
The bummer is that Jeremy and Taunia are going to be in Las Vegas that weekend and Aunt Kris will be gone for meetings. I have been planning on going out there since late September and the timing works out good for Chris, too. It's the only way that I can afford to make it and it will save him some money, too.
This is going to be very weird. I have spent about every day with my Kristi since December 2, 2005. This will be the first time that her and I have been apart. I am going to miss her and ALL of our rugrats so much.
Thanks again to Aunt Kris. Love you much!

Sunday, January 7, 2007

Tough trip to Missouri State for the Shockers.

Wichita State (10-5, 1-3) was defeated, 95-87, by Missouri State (12-3, 3-1) Sunday evening in Springfield, Mo. This was the Bears first win over Wichita State in five years, going 0-8 against the Shockers since defeating WSU, 72-59, on March 2, 2002 in St. Louis, Mo. in the Missouri Valley Tournament. The Shox have been playing completely different from when they started 9-0. They are now 1-3 in the Missouri Valley and need to get their crap together.

Friday, January 5, 2007

SHOCKERS WIN!!! Losing Streak Is Over!

The Wichita State men's basketball team improved to 10-4 on the season and 1-2 in Missouri Valley Conference play with an 84-63 win over Bradley (10-6, 1-3) on Thursday night inside Charles Koch Arena. The Shox just beat the crap out of them. Bradley was the other team from the Missouri Valley that made the "Sweet 16" last year. They also beat Kansas in the tournament. That didn't have a chance against WSU, though.

Missing Colorado!!! Must get there soon!

I was watching "The Real World" on MTV earlier in the week. This season is from Denver. In the episode that I saw, the stars of the show were in Leadville for a week. MAN! I miss it there! It is so pretty. I am hoping to make it out there later this month to see the family. It's been over 3 years since I have been in Western Colorado. I really wanna get to Grand Junction to see Grandma Gardner. I miss her very much. I miss all the family and friends out there. I am checking the finances and I am hoping to make it out there.

Funniest Episode of "EARL" ever!!!

I was sitting at the house last night watching TV. Thursday night on NBC is my favorite. I always catch "My Name is Earl" and "The Office." Last night's "Earl" was a classic. It was the stars of the show on the "COPS" TV show. If you want to laugh your butt of, go to and you can see the whole episode. The writers of this show are briliant! Very funny!

Thursday, January 4, 2007

Breaking News about vehicle wanted in Williams murder

According to 9news in Denver. Denver Police believe they have found the Chevy Tahoe with license plates matching the vehicle wanted in the Darrent Williams murder case. More details ASAP!!!


“I would like to thank you all for the love and support that our family has received during this sad time. Dee lived his life to the fullest. To all the fans and friends that supported my son, I would like to take this moment to say, Thank You. I would also like to thank Pat Bowlen, Coach Shanahan, and everyone in the Broncos organization for your tremendous support.
"I know from all of the public outpouring of sympathy, my son in his short time on this earth touched many lives. We rejoice in the knowledge that Dee is now with the Lord. He may be gone but he won’t be forgotten."

Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Darrent Williams Children's Fund

The Darrent Williams Children’s Fund has been established at U.S. Bank – Denver. The purpose of the fund is to benefit Darrent’s two children for future educational and health needs.

Contributions can be sent to:
Darrent Williams Children’s Fund

c/o Denver Broncos
13655 Broncos Parkway
Englewood, CO 80112

BRONCOS WIN! Boise State, that it!

I was up until midnight watching the Fiesta Bowl. Man! What a game. The Boise State Broncos were playing the Oklahoma Sooners. I was going for Boise State. Not only for the name, but I hate the Sooners. The final was 43-42 and it ended on a trick play. I will try and get a link with the highlights and let you see it for yourself.

Monday, January 1, 2007

Shockers Lose 4th Game In A Row! Enough. Already!

The Wichita State's men's basketball team fell to 9-4 on the season after a, 73-68, loss to Southern Illinois in Carbondale on New Year's night. They started out so good, but are now 0-2 in the Missouri Valley. They need to get their crap together and start winning again, or a lot of the fans will break their ankles jumping off the bandwagon!

Terrible News Out Of Denver. Broncos Cornerback, Darrent Williams is Killed

Denver Broncos cornerback, Darrent Williams was shot and killed in a drive-by shooting early Monday, his limousine sprayed with bullets in downtown Denver. Team spokesman Jim Saccomano said police called him about 3 a.m. from the scene and told him three people had been shot, and the 24-year-old Williams had been killed. The killing came hours after the Broncos were eliminated from the playoff race. A little after 2 a.m., a white Hummer limousine was fired on from a vehicle that pulled up along its side, police spokesman Sonny Jackson said. As many as a dozen bullet holes were visible on the driver's side of the vehicle. Three people in the limo were hit and were taken to hospitals, where one man was pronounced dead, Jackson said. The other man and woman who were shot were not identified. Saccomano said he spoke with coach Mike Shanahan and others in the organization. Hours earlier, the Broncos lost to San Francisco 26-23 in overtime.
"Complete shock. We're speechless. It takes words away. A terrible tragedy," Saccomano said. Pro Bowl player Champ Bailey was among the players and team staff members who gathered at Denver Health Medical Center, where Williams' body was taken.

"He had a big heart and a lot of courage," said Cedric Smith, assistant strength and conditioning coach. "It's a tragedy, a complete tragedy. It's sickening."

This is a terrible thing that has happened. I have been a huge Broncos fan my entire life. It makes you put things into perspective. That loss yesterday really ate at me all night, but the loss of a game is nothing compared to the loss of a human life. I hope that they find the person(s) responsible for this.