Monday, December 24, 2007

Broncos lose 23-3. Rivers is a jerk!

It was a rough night for the Broncos. They got smashed 23-3 by the San Diego Chargers. It wasn't even close. This has been an easy year to forget. I can say one thing after tonight. I hate the Chargers and can't stand Phillip Rivers, the Chargers QB. I can't believe the ego on this jerk. He was talking trash to Jay Cutler and the Broncos towards the end of the game. How many playoff games has Rivers won? Oh yeah, that's right. They went 14-2 last year and then choked the first game of the playoffs. I like the way that the announcers on ESPN were talking about how much of an ego Rivers had and that he's not good enough to talk smack like that. The bottom line is that the Broncos have a losing record, won't make the playoffs and the Chargers will choke. I am pulling for Jacksonville in the playoffs now. In the NFC, it's the Giants. They are my 2nd favorite team.

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