Saturday, March 17, 2007

Hubbard, his eye-in-the-sky wife, off to Chicago

Hubbard, his eye-in-the-sky wife, off to Chicago
By Dick Kreck Denver Post Staff Columnist
They arrived together and they'll leave together.
KDVR-Channel 31 reporter/weekend anchor Jeremy Hubbard is movin' on up to a job as a Chicago-based correspondent for ABC News, covering Middle America.
And he's taking his fly-by-day wife, Taunia Hottman, KUSA-Channel 9 eye-in-the-sky reporter, with him.
The ink's not dry on his ABC contract, but Hubbard expects he'll be gone from Fox by mid-April. Hottman says her last day at 9News is April 13.
Husband-and-wife teams in the TV biz are not unheard-of but landing jobs together isn't easy, which makes their electronic odyssey unusual. The two fell in love in college, worked together in Wichita, Kan., then moved to Kansas City before arriving in Denver three years ago.
Leaving won't be easy either, says Hubbard. "I was born in Glenwood Springs and lived in Leadville. Being back here was a huge thing. We talked about (leaving) for a long time." Ultimately, it was an opportunity he couldn't pass up. "I watched Peter Jennings all the time as a kid. Now, here I am working at the same place he worked. It's a dream come true. I was afraid if I didn't do it now it wouldn't present itself again."
Hottman's going without a job but she's looking forward to the Chicago move too. "I'm just thrilled beyond anything for him. I know it's a large freelancing market so I'm hopeful something will turn up. We loved living here. It's really difficult to be leaving."
What I found out too late about Hubbard: He's a rabid fan of Neil Diamond. "I have every song he's ever recorded." I have no comment.
Hubbard averted a horrible tragedy recently when someone stole his iPod that contained his entire Diamond collection. That must have been one disappointed thief. Luckily, Hubbard had his Diamond treasure trove saved elsewhere.
Taunia disavows any connection with Jeremy's Diamond madness. "I have nothing to do with that."

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