Monday, April 2, 2007

Heritage Call Letters Wasted!

As many of you know, I started in radio back in 1986 in the town of Garden City, KS. The station was 1240 AM KIUL. The KIUL Stood for "Kansas Is Usually Listening." Well, I wouldn't be if I was there. The station is now owned by Greg Steckline. I worked for him for a few short weeks back in 2005. I can honestly say that was the worst job of my life. They wanted me to lie to my employees and would call me and leave messages on my machine using every dirty word under the sun. I forgot to mention that it happened when Madison and Zach were with me a couple of times. It was great when I left that place!
It's very sad to have a heritage station, and one for the oldest call letters in the state be owned by such a jerk. I feel sorry for his employees and wish them all the best of luck. They will need it.

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