Monday, May 5, 2008

Happy Birthday Marcia

May 5th isn't just Cinco de Mayo, it's my aunt Marcia's B-day. She is one of the best aunts in the world! I enjoy getting to see Marcia and uncle Smitty whenever I get the chance. I am sure that she gets her fill of me every September through December. I call Smitty 2-3 times per Denver Broncos game. I call him to vent when they are playing like crap, or to celebrate their win (which doesn't seem to happen a lot anymore). I think that she pretty much expects my calls now.
Marcia is going to get a great B-day present this year when she has a grandbaby. Congrats on that! I hope to see you soon. All the kids (and us adults) want to make it out to Colorado to see you soon. Have a great B-day. Love ya!

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