Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Wichita Wingnuts take the field

I snapped this photo Tuesday afternoon at Lawrence Dumont Stadium in downtown Wichita. I was there for media day. The Wingnuts open up their inaugural season Wednesday night against the Sioux City Explorers. The Wingnuts are owned by the same company that owns the Wichita Thunder hockey team that I work with. Well, the tradition continues. I am going to be the emcee on the field and in the stands at some of the games. I am going to share duties with my friend, Hank. He works at T-95 (our station) and he's the one that married Kristi and me. We are going there for a "run through" of everything tonight at the stadium. It should be fun. I am exited to get the kids out to see some games.

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