Thursday, October 9, 2008

My favorite band has a "Live" Live CD and DVD coming!!!

It's official… the LIVE DVD will be released in 2008…and very soon! The DVD, entitled Live at the Paradiso - Amsterdam, will be released in early November (specific release dates and territories will be announced soon). The DVD includes seventeen tracks plus bonus behind-the-scenes footage of the band in Amsterdam. The CD contains sixteen songs with two new studio tracks including the new radio single, "Forever," and the song "Purifier" which features a guest appearance by John Popper of Blues Traveler. Enclosed are the track-listings for each and you can hear a sneak peak of the new single, "Forever", on LIVE's web site and MySpace page.

The CD track list includes:
1. Simple Creed 2. All Over You 3. The River 4. The Dolphins Cry 5. I Walk the Line 6. Selling the Drama 7. Lightning Crashes 8. Turn My Head 9. I Alone 10. Heaven 11. Lakini's Juice 12. Overcome 13. Operation Spirit 14. Dance with You 15. Forever (new studio track)16. Purifier (new studio track)
The DVD track list includes:
1. Simple Creed 2. All Over You 3. Mirror Song 4. The River 5. The Dolphins Cry 6. I Walk the Line 7. Selling the Drama 8. They Stood Up For Love 9. Lightning Crashes 10. Turn My Head 11. Wings 12. I Alone 13. Heaven 14. Lakini's Juice 15. Overcome 16. Operation Spirit 17. Dance with You
As many of you know, Live is my favorite band and I am very excited for this. You can hear the new track "Forever" at Check it out!

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frènk Vee Ooh said...

I bought the DVD/CD combo last friday, and I can tell you: it won't dissapoint, it's really amazing!