Thursday, December 21, 2006

Ed Begley Jr. On My Morning Show

I had Ed Begley Jr. on my morning show this morning. I am sure that you know the face. He was a star on "St. Elsewhere." He also was one of the stars of HBO's incredible series "Six Feet Under." He has been in tons of movies, too. He has a new reality series on HGTV starting in January called "Living With Ed." He's very big on the environment. He was one of the first in America to own an electric car. His wife has never been like that. Her name is Rachelle Carson and she's an actress. The series follows there every day lives. She told me that he times her in the shower and he makes sure he does all that he can do to save the environment.
The show debuts on HGTV with a sneak preview on January 1st after the Tournament of Roses Parade and the series starts on January 7th. They were both very nice.

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