Sunday, December 24, 2006

Lunch with the Family

Kristi and I had lunch with some family today at PF Chang's. Uncle Ron and Aunt Kay are in town from The Lake of the Ozarks. They are staying with mom and dad this weekend for Christmas and they're going to come over to the house tomorrow for all of the festivities. It was a great dinner and very fun! Mom thought that she was a pro at using Chop Stix, but wasn't. She tried for about 2 minutes trying to take a piece of Sweet and Sour Chicken off of my plate. We were all watching her try without any luck. All of the sudden, Kristi picked up a fork and stabbed the piece of chicken and threw it onto mom's plate. We all started laughing so hard. It was a lot of fun. That's pretty much the story whenever you get us all together.

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