Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Well, it's official. Yuck!

Well, he did it. Barry Bonds hit Home Run #756 on Tuesday night against the Washington Nationals. He is the new "Home Run King." I am not too happy about this. I am not a Bonds fan at all. He has been a jerk to fans for years. The only fond memory I have of Bonds was being at a Colorado Rockies game against the Giants with my friends Scott, Chris and Mike on one of our "guys only" trips to Colorado. My Aunt Kris hooked us up with great seats at the game and we were withing yelling distance of Bonds when he was in the on-deck circle. My friend Mike started razzing him and got everyone in our area laughing and joining in. Bonds looked up and gave us a weird look. That was cool, because Mike was trying all night to get him to look, and he finally did. Very funny.

I can only now hope that someone beats Bonds for the Home Run record. Oh yeah, I think that this record is now tainted.

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