Monday, February 25, 2008

Must See Movie!

I took a couple of days off this week. I have been swamped and work and there will be no time to take off in a few weeks when the Spring ratings start. I am going to be hanging around town. I went to see "U2 3D" today. This movie was awesome! U2 is by far the best concert that I have seen in person. I have seen them twice. I saw them at Arrowhead Stadium in K.C. both times. The first time was on the "Zoo T.V. tour. It was about 20 degrees at the October show, but the cold weather didn't phase anyone. They are incredible. If you can't see them live, try to catch this movie.

I also surprised Madison and Zach today. I picked them up at school. Kristi is making her killer sloppy joe's and we'll probably just hang out and watch movies. It's too cold to go out and do anything!

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