Saturday, February 16, 2008


I was the DJ for a Homecoming dance in Greensburg, KS on Friday night. Greensburg was the town that was destroyed by a tornado in May of 2007. I had not been there since the tornado. I have never seen so much damage in my life. There is literally one original building left downtown. There is no restaurants or grocery store. They only thing that they have for that is a Kwik Shop with a Dillons sign on it. The Hospital is a few trailers. The school is taking place in a bunch of trailers and a big Morton Building is their gym. The basketball games on Friday night took place in Mullinville. That's about 10-15 miles west of Greensburg. The Homecoming dance took place at the Morton Building in Greensburg.
They have started to rebuild the town. It's a very strong community. They have this banner hanging in the Morton Building. I thought that it was a neat banner.

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