Saturday, April 5, 2008

Kansas headed to championship, defeats UNC 84-66

Man! I can't breathe. The Jayhawks are in the National Championship Game! They are playing the Memphis Tigers Monday night! KU was up by 28 and things looked pretty good, but they started to choke. Kristi got an e-mail from her brother asking if I was "crapping my pants" when North Carolina came within 4 points of the Hawks in the 2nd half. They held on and opened things up at the end. I can take me depends off now! LOL! Monday's game should be a pretty good one. Memphis is good, but I think that Kansas can make it a game with them.
My favorite part of the night was seeing Roy Williams lose. It was nice to see mister "I am not going anywhere, I promise" lose to the guy that replaced him. It was very nice. ROCK CHALK JAYHAWK.....KU!!!

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