Monday, April 7, 2008


So patient for 20 years, Kansas had no problem working an extra five minutes to bring a long-awaited championship back to the heartland. Mario Chalmers hit a 3-pointer with 2.1 seconds left in regulation to push the game into overtime, and the Jayhawks grinded it out from there for a 75-68 victory Monday night over Memphis in one of the best title games in recent memory.
It was the first title for Kansas since 1988, when Danny Manning, now an assistant coach for the Jayhawks, led them to an upset of Oklahoma. And the shot earned Chalmers the most outstanding player honor.
It was a wild one in the Hubbard house. I think that I woke Kristi and the kids up when I started cheering after the Kansas win. Kristi was then woke up to the sounds and flashes of different houses in our neighborhood lighting fireworks. I have almost lost my voice now from the screaming, but it's worth it. I am so excited. I can remember back in 1988 when the Hawks won it last. I was on spring break and took the train from Garden City to Kansas City. I went to Missouri to see my friend Mark Dinwiddie. We watched the game at his house and I took the train back through Lawrence the day after they beat Oklahoma in the National Championship game. I remember being so excited to see the fans in the streets that next morning. I also got excited when my parents bought National Champs shirts for us at Sam's in Wichita. Yeah, I remember a lot of weird stuff.