Saturday, July 19, 2008

Welcome to the ball park.

It was an interesting evening on Friday. I was scheduled to be the on-field announcer at the Wichita Wingnuts baseball game. That's what I usually do. Well, I got to the stadium on Friday night and it was a different situation. The usual public address announcer was unable to work. I was already on the field preparing for the evening. The teams G.M. tracked me down and asked if I could help out. I said yes. It was interesting. I had a long night. The delay at the stadium is about 1-2 seconds. It's very weird to say something and then hear it a couple of seconds later. I am used to it on the field, but it's very difficult in the press box. I got used to it, but had a few flubs here and there. Above is a picture of me trying to get through the night.

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