Wednesday, January 17, 2007


It's about 8:30 p.m. pm Wednesday and I am finishing up some stuff at work. I am getting ready to head to Colorado in the morning. I am going with my friend, Chris. He just drove up to Salina to get a rental car. He lives in McPherson (near Salina). It was between a Kia or a Ford F-150 King Cab. He went with the truck. The Kia had no cruise control, but I am sure it gets a whole lot more miles per gallon. OUCH!!!
We're planning on going to Grand Junction on Friday morning to see Grandma Gardner and try to hook up with the Pods. We'll then shoot east on I-70 to see the Smith's and the Collins crew. Aunt Kris is out of town, so I am going to miss her. That stinks!
We're going to the Avalanche game on Saturday (thanks so much to Aunt Kris for getting us free tickets) to see them play the Red Wings.
We will be staying at Chris' family "A-Frame" near Blackhawk. It should be very nice to get away and to see every one. I am going to miss Kris and the kids like crazy, though.
I will keep you updated.

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