Wednesday, January 10, 2007


A female body was discovered in a rural area of Cowley County Tuesday morning. Police are not saying the body is that of missing 19-year-old Jodi Sanderholm. Instead, they are waiting forensic confirmation before saying any more. Jodi's dad believes the female body is believed to be his daughter. He said he now has a sense of peace.
Police say they are working with the County of Cowley County Attorney's office to file charges against what they are calling 'a known suspect.' The exact charges will be released at a later date.
A Connection:
Authorities have found a connection between Sanderholm and a man taken into custody over the weekend on unrelated charges. The man worked at the same Subway restaurant, where Jodi was last seen Friday. The man remains in custody.
Tuesday afternoon, authorities pulled Jodi's 2003 Dodge Stratus out of a nearby lake. They drove away with it on a flatbed truck, to process it for evidence.
This doesn't look good at all. Man! There are some sick people out there. My prayers go to Jodi's family and friends. She was so young and had a full life ahead of her.

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