Monday, January 8, 2007

COLORADO BOUND!!! And We Get To See The Av's and Red Wings

We're headed to Colorado!!! It's official! A HUGE thanks to Aunt Kris for hooking us up with tickets to see the Colorado Avalanche play the Detroit Red Wings. I am SO excited! I have seen the Av's play numerous times, but never against the hated Red Wings.
I am headed there with my friend, Chris Kuder. He has some computer/work stuff to pick up there and the timing works out perfectly. I haven't been to the western slope for over 3 years and I finally will get to make it over. We are going to head to Grand Junction, Silt, New Castle and Glenwood to see all the family. We will be up there later this month.
The bummer is that Jeremy and Taunia are going to be in Las Vegas that weekend and Aunt Kris will be gone for meetings. I have been planning on going out there since late September and the timing works out good for Chris, too. It's the only way that I can afford to make it and it will save him some money, too.
This is going to be very weird. I have spent about every day with my Kristi since December 2, 2005. This will be the first time that her and I have been apart. I am going to miss her and ALL of our rugrats so much.
Thanks again to Aunt Kris. Love you much!

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