Thursday, January 11, 2007


I can remember the day like it was just yesterday. It was Sunday, January 11, 1987. I was working my shift at KIUL radio in Garden City. Our radio station covered CBS Radio and CBS Sports. It was the Denver Broncos and Cleveland Browns in the AFC Championship game at Memorial Stadium in Cleveland, Ohio.
The Broncos started at their own 2 yard line and it's quoted that Keith Bishop (Center) said "we got them where we want them" in the huddle. John Elway performed magic for 98 yards. He hit a falling Mark Jackson in the end zone for a Touchdown to set the game to OT. Rich Karlis sealed the deal with a 33 yard Field Goal in OT. The Broncos won 23-20 and went to the Super Bowl. They were pounded in that game 39-20 by my 2nd favorite team, the New York Giants.
"The Drive" has got to be one of the best things ever in sports history! I love them Broncos!!!

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