Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving! Now It's Time For "Black Friday!"

It was a nice Thanksgiving at the Hubbard and Nice house today. We had Madison and Zach the last couple of nights, but they went to their Grandma and Grandpa Baird's earlier today for Thanksgiving. They were in Colorado last year with mom and dad and it's their turn for Thanksgiving with their mom this year and they did that at the same time we had ours.
We had a good group of people. Kory, Darla and their kids were there. Mom and Dad were here and Pete and Linda Tilley came late. It was a great day! Above is a picture of the ladies preparing for "Black Friday." Destiny was wanting to help out, but you don't bother Kristi when it comes to sales!!! It was a nice day. I ate way too much. Happy Thanksgiving to all and thanks to everyone who came over today. Love you all!

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