Sunday, March 2, 2008

End of an era

I have been playing hockey for a few years now. I took off a couple of years when I moved to Missouri and went through my divorce. I just started back last fall to try and get back into shape and to take out frustration. I have always worn a jersey with the number "7" on it all the years I have played. I have used that number, because of John Elway, of course. Gotta love that #7! Well, that has all changed. Our team, the Lucky 7's had a lot of issues half way through the season and about half of the team was asked to leave. I was not involved with any of that drama. I don't have the time and didn't care. I just wanted to play and try to lose weight.
The team changed it's name from the Lucky 7's to the IceAssins (that's how they spell it). I know. I had nothing to do with that, either. The team got new jerseys with the new name. They are very basic jerseys, which is fine with me. They didn't cost us anything. Anyway, my new number is "58." They gave me the jersey with "7" on it, but it didn't fit. Yep, I am officially a fatty and have to wear a bigger sized jersey with another number. So, until I can lose some weight, it's #58! Oh, and to add to the "F.A." stuff. I was in a game a couple of weeks ago and made a sweet pass to one of our guys, who went on to score a goal. After we scored, a player for the other team skated by me and said "Nice Pass Fat Ass!" I laughed. Hey! It's the truth! I told some co-workers, so when someone does something good at work we just say "N.P.F.A.!" People are starting to ask what that stands for, and we just laugh it off. So, until I drop some pounds I will be wearing #58 and the title "F.A.!"

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