Thursday, March 27, 2008

Tulsa company signs deal to buy Wild West World

Wild West World is back.
Spectacular Attractions, doing business as Tulsa-based Murphy Brothers Exposition, has signed a $2 million contract to buy Thomas Etheredge's failed $30 million theme park out of bankruptcy, the first step in a plan to open the park later this year.

Final details were worked out within the hour, sources close to the bankruptcy said, and a motion to sell the park will be filed today with U.S. Bankruptcy Court Judge Bob Nugent in Wichita. Further details on the park's re-opening are pending.

The sale is scheduled to close May 31, although other bidders will have until May 8 to top the Tulsa group's offer.

The park purchase, along with $4.2 million for 35 rides to re-open the park, will be financed by industrial revenue bonds from the city of Park City. This announcement accomplishes the city's primary goal of getting the park up and running, officials said.

Murphy Brothers operates several mobile carnival rides at state fairs around the Midwest, most notably the Tulsa State Fair. The company is not involved in the annual Kansas State Fair.

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