Monday, March 10, 2008

Look Out! It's the Parkridge Street Stinkers!!!

Here's a picture of Madison, Zach, Tiana and Austin playing a little Hubbard-Nice Garage Hockey. They took time away from their game to pose for this picture. It's a nice spring day and it's lighter later, so they wanted to open the garage door and go at it. They are sporting their free Thunder jerseys from last night's hockey game. The Thunder lost 6-0. They are the real stinkers!
A little side note. The kids would've had a different look on their faces if I had taken this 30 minutes earlier. I went out to the garage and noticed that they were using my good hockey sticks and I was not happy. One stick was a Christmas present from Kristi and it wasn't super cheap. They did tear up the other stick, which is also pretty nice. I whined for a little bit, re-taped the sticks and then everything was back to normal. As normal as it can be here. :)

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