Sunday, October 28, 2007

I wasn't so "lucky" in my first hockey game of season

I played my first game of the season in the Adult Hockey League at the Wichita Ice Center tonight. The team that I am on is the Lucky 7's. We didn't live up to our name tonight. We were beat by the Hurricanes 5-3 tonight. My friend Darren is on the Canes and I love it when they lose. They are one of those teams that you love to hate. They have 3 different uniforms. Yes! Three! This is an adult league, not the NHL! Geez!
Tonight was the first game that I have played in since the playoffs last season. I am so out of shape. Kristi said that I did good, but she's my wife, what else could she my face. :)
This is a picture of our jersey logo. My jersey wasn't in yet, well it was, but it was a size medium. That's just a wee bit to small for me. I was #22 and had the last name of "Irwin." I had to use someones jersey who wasn't there. I like them. The colors are just like my favorite old team in the NHL, the Hartford Whalers.

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