Wednesday, October 17, 2007

A Very Kind Letter.

Dear Craig, You will never know how much it meant to our family for you to come and serve at Kent's funeral. It would've meant so much to him. It was special to "connect" with you again. Thanks for caring enough! - The Hagelgantz Family

I received that letter at work today. It was very nice to receive this letter. I really miss having him around this time of year. We would talk about football, the baseball playoffs and of course, hockey. I watched the Rockies game the other night and thought about us going to their very first game together. I watched the Indians game last night and thought about when we went to Jacob's Field in Cleveland.

Friends and family are very important. Moments like this make me realize this. Please cherish every moment that you have with your friends and family. You never know what is going to happen to them. I am so glad that I have great kids, wife and step-kids. I am so glad that we are all growing closer and closer by the day. I am not going to die miserable, like a few people that I know. Life is too short. It's not worth playing "the victim" in everything. Kent was a victim of a terrible cancer, but he lived his entire life, down to his final moments as a happy person who loved every member of his family and all of his friends. That's a great example. I miss you, my friend. Rest in Peace.

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