Wednesday, October 17, 2007

It's ROCKTOBER! Rockies Headed To World Series!

Congrats to the Colorado Rockies. They are National League Champs and headed to their first ever World Series. It was awesome watching Todd Helton reach to the sky as the Rockies got the final out that sealed the deal. I also enjoyed watching the fans in the stands going nuts when the Rockies won the game.
I woke Kristi up with my cheering. I wish that Grandma Hubbard was alive to see this happen. She was a huge baseball fan. I remember when her and Lucille went on a trip and took in a handful of games along the way. She would have been happy to have see Colorado's win.
The Rockies are going to have a few days off until they meet either Cleveland or Boston in the World Series. The Indians are up 3 games to 1 and I am pulling for them to win. I get tired of the Yankees and Red Sox. It would be cool to see the Tribe and Rockies in the series. I am going for the Rockies, for sure.

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