Wednesday, October 24, 2007

"Purple" reigns over movies

If you've hummed along, tapped your feet, or even danced in your seat while watching "Purple Rain," "Saturday Night Fever" or "Trainspotting," you're not alone.
The soundtracks from those movies have been named among the 50 greatest by the editors of Vanity Fair magazine. The full list will be revealed next month in a one-time Conde Nast magazine, Movies Rock, for subscribers of its 14 titles.
"Purple Rain" topped the chart even though it was described as "perhaps the best badly acted film ever," editors at Vanity Fair said, while "Trainspotting" came in at No. 7 and "Saturday Night Fever" was eighth.

The Vanity Fair editors said the "Purple Rain" soundtrack was a flawless combination of "funk, R&B, pop, metal, and even psychedelia into a sound that defined the '80s."
"A Hard Day's Night" came in a No. 2, followed by "The Harder They Come," "Pulp Fiction," "The Graduate" and "Superfly." "American Graffiti" and "The Big Chill" rounded out the top 10.
"Saturday Night Fever's" soundtrack is "required listening for anyone looking to heat up the dance floor," the editors said. "The white suit? Not so much."
Movies Rock, which will feature stories and photos of the projects, stars, directors and musicians who created the selected movies, launches ahead of a two-hour CBS broadcast of the same title in December.

I would have to say that "Purple Rain" is probably the best movie soundtrack. It's also the first Rated R movie that I sneaked in to see! It was at the Battlefield Mall in Springfield, MO. I was with my friend Mark Dinwiddie. Our parents thought we were going to see "Red Dawn." Well, Patty, Pam and Jeremy did, but Mark and I went to "Purple Rain." The acting was horrible, but it was something interesting to a couple of kids that have never seen something like that before. I also went into the club that the movie was filmed in a few years ago. It's in Minneapolis. I believe that it's been torn down or changed into something else since.

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