Sunday, October 7, 2007

Saturday at Smoky Hill Bison Farm

We took the kids to the Smoky Hill Bison Farm on Saturday. It's up by Salina. I came across the place when I was driving home from Colorado one time. I stop and met the folks that own the place. We have went up there a few times now.
Every year during October, they have lots of events going on. They have a Corn Maze, Covered Wagon rides, rides to see the Buffalo in the field, and much more. Linda, the owner sent me some tickets to give away on the air and to bring up the family. We brought up a herd of our own. Kory, Darla and their kids joined the Hubbard and Nice crew for the excitement. Here's all the kids just before we got ready to leave. It was a great time, but a long day.

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